6. Juli 2010

I worked the last two days on a TriggerEntity framework. Basically it is currently suited for Traps or Messages which will be triggered when a player gets near them. These Entities are invisible mobs but they are actually in the zone. I also added some dev client commands to show these triggers to the client. Currently the only thing which happends is that a message is sent to the players (You triggered...). What also works is that a client can now sense these kind of triggers if they are traps (along with the normal SolA+B traps).
In the next days i will add spell/message support to these and finally need to put my collected data into a database table, i.e. trap ID x, do spell Y when client is near proximity Z and say a specific message. Additionally i need to add a disarm check to these so they dont trigger when a rogue/bard disarmed a trap temporary.

~ 480min
= 6180min (103h)

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