4. Juli 2010

That was some major research on eqlive the last two days, i got now 13 of the 15 different traps in necropolis, their spells and trigger text. At first i was just doing sense trap every few meters but after a while a thought this is too tedious, therefor i had the idea to just put the traps on the ingame map. Since i already have most of the possible trap locations i only needed to convert this information to the eqlive map format. This is what i got out of it:

However even with this info i triggered a trap more often then not, sense traps is very hard on live now. I started with 1 skill on this rogue and its now at 60, even when i sense traps 3 times before each spot - there is a high chance i miss the trap. These are the reasons for death mostly, also since i need to trigger the trap anyway to know what it does it sometimes means also death. Disarm on some of these traps is a pain, at first i thought its a range issue, but it wasnt, i literally took up 20 tries to disarm some specific traps here even with a skill of 60 disarm traps. Talk about wasted times since these skills are on a cooldown of about 10sec.

Since the chance to find the last 2 traps is less then 10% i will stop here and use a similar effect i see fit, maybe somebody else i bored and will do this, but i have enough of necropolis =).

After that i went velks lab, thankfully there are only 2 different traps here which i found easily using above method.

Finally i went to chardok and found the different traps on the bridges and the text/effects.

There are one or two traps in the frozen tower which doesnt seem to do any damage, which will also be added.

So, this is it - as you can see about 24h went just into researching this stuff without any line of coding done =/.

~ 720min
= 5700min (95h)

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  1. Goog job.
    I have been a rogue after the disarm/sense skill changes and I know how it's hard to use now :/