13. Juli 2010

Since this weekend i was working on finishing the traps and triggers. I gathered over 50 different trigger messages and traps from live, funny that the zone with the most zone specific "roleplay like messages" is the vanilla zone runnyeye. Other messages happend mostly in velious zones, but also very rarely. I added a database based configuration for these triggers. Basically you just can have an existing invisible npc (or create on in the database) and define at what proximity a trigger should happend. A trigger can either be just a message, an AE spell, or a group of spawns at a specific location or all of them together.

The first spawn based trap i added was the one for frozen tower, when you enter the zone just to the left 3 shadowbones will spawn. There are more zones with triggers like this, necropolis and runnyeye comes to my mind, im not aware of any other currently.

I also worked on the spell effects a trap executes, i had issues getting the spell effects visible to the client, after a bit of debugging i found out that the invisible npcs where not sent to the client, and when you want to see a spell effect you supply a caster ID of the mob who casts the spell. If the client doesnt know this id, you will obviously see no effect.

I hope i can make a video this week about triggers, since i will be gone for a short vacation for the rest of the week.

~ 1200min
= 8700min (145h)

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