9. Juli 2010

The last two days:

I fixed some doors in necropolis and pendulum traps, and added the missing qeynos doors to a delta sql. Then i create a db table for triggers with different attributes and integrated it into the base code. Triggers can now be easily assigned to "hidden" npcs. They can either cast spells, summon X mobs or just print a message. Then i made certain that mobs or players cannot attack triggers.

I also added the 15 different traps for necropolis including their spells and trigger messages. I started with exploring EQ Live again and started gathering all the environment messages i have the location of: chardok, frozenshadows, kael, runneye, westwaste. I checked some other zones i had some info on but they did not have (anymore?) the messages. There are a few kunark/velious zones left i have to check.

~ 780min
= 7500min (125h)

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