2. Juni 2010

Ever wondered why the endurance bar went up and down very fast in the showcase videos?

Well, it turns out that the clients check for food/drink excluded GMs (thanks IDA Pro). They are never thirsty, however the eqc server did not know that, so GMs were mostly always thirsty/hungry server side and we would sent 0 endurance update to the client. However, the client thought otherwise (he also temporary updates the endurance client side), thats why - when the client updates the endurance bar a small bit of endurance was shown, but every few seconds the server sent 0 endurance back to the client.

I also added a check to remove endurance while being in water during the regular endurance calculation. It actually was already there but not enabled, because when Taz implemented the logic 2008, there were no water check support in the eqc server, i added that in late 2009.

~ 120min

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