16. Juni 2010

I refactored the range attack code this time, it looks much clearer now. I did quite some research on some hard numbers for the damage calculation. I found some info on alakazahm and the monkly business forum. The rangers glade forums have not been archived, only the front page so i did not find anything worthwhile there. The information i gathered is that range attack calculation is similar to melee combat, except that it uses DEX as a primary attribute and not STR. Therefor i used the miss calculations from the melee combat, if we do any changes there it will automatically apply to range combat.

I didnt know that there where range items with a proc, but since i was testing bow damage i found one of the top bows from a PoA quest - windstiker which has a cool proc effect Whirlwind. The mob spins around itself like M.J. dance. Turns out there wasnt any code for handling proc damage from a range item, which i therefor added.

As i was equipping my ranger with some nice tolans gear, i saw that they all had nice spell effects. The bracers had summon arrows, i tried it out and for the long casting time it had - only one arrow came out. That couldn't be right so i tried some mage spells which summon 20 charges of food - the same issue, only one item. Turns out that the max charge info was not honored in the spell code for summon items, i fixed that and the correct amount should be summoned now (the information is found i nthe spdat spell info and seems to be correct, i checked summon bandages which should summon 5 bandages and all other mage spells, seemed fine).

~ 300min
= 720min

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