23. Juni 2010

Pretty boring bug hunting, trying to figure out why the zone crashes when it is statically loaded, i.e. all NPCs/Stuff already started before any client ever connects. Had something todo with the Perl Interpreter not being available to the EntityList, i have no idea why this happends as it only happends when the zone is statically loaded. When it is loaded dynamically (i.e. when the client wants to connect to a zone, the zone is loaded with NPCs and stuff) it works fine. Maybe because the instance of the interpreter was created in the main thread instead of sub threads? I fixed it but sadly im not sure why it didnt work before, this happens when you are more a generalist instead of a specialist in one specific programming language. This alone took over a day =/

I additionally added the last missing things for range attack, rogues deadly strike, i guess range attack should be done for now. Also some refactoring on some ugly code like melee kick attack. Warriors at or above lvl55 now have a chance to stun their target when kicking.

~ 720min
= 2880min (48h)

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