21. Juni 2010

I just wanted to try something out, but only ended up creating some work for myself.
I wanted to check some things out in kedges keep and teleported there, of course i forgot to cast an enduring breath spell - but that wasnt the major issue. As soon as i zoned into underwater i started to drown, which should normally not happend because you got an air bar as soon as you dive into water.

Well i figured that how much air the player has left has not been identified in the playerprofile, so we probably always sent 0 when the player zones. I searched with the debugger in the client to identify the function, where the "air is left" check is done. At first i thought i was quick finding it, i set the value to 255(0xff) server side and tried to relogin while being underwater, but it didnt help - i started to drown again. Confused i tried some other unknown fields we had - same result. A few hours later i figured, on the client there was another function to sanitize the air left value while checking - 255 wasnt a good value. So i started with the first field in the playerprofile i thought i had found. I set it to 10, and zoned in - i didnt start to drown immediately but the air left window at least popped up and was almost zero. After a saw that the client had 2 max values for this field - it was either 100 or 127 for iksars (they can hold their breath pretty long =). So after this field was identified, i could save it when the client requests a save - and the next time the client zones it will take the last saved value. So, you should drown instantly as soon as you dive from qeynos to qcat =). The time on this field is approx in seconds, it seems the client generates this value out of the endurance/stamina the client has. So normally a client can dive over one minute, or iksar over 2 before the air runs out - pretty long i must say, didnt remember that. Fun fact: the client substracts 0.125 * YourHP every drowning interval, so you are pretty much dead after 8 intervals, no matter how much HP you have left.

Next i added the broadcasting of tradeskill combine/failures to the group, as it was classic as pointed out in the forum - the part was already there when i reworked tradeskills last year but i left it outcommented because i wasnt sure it was classic.

Finally, i added a new gm method #listentities to view all the npcs that are currently spawned in the zone along with XYZ. Along with this its easy to use /goto a_mob_00 to teleport to him.

~ 300min
= 2160min

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