17. Juni 2010

I figured out the issue, that for example bows were not showing a 3d graphic on the model. The newer item table has other "idfiles" associated with many items. An idfile tell the client for each item, which model it should display when it is equipped. Now the newer table had idfiles like IT10649 - a very high number - the classic client doesnt know about newer model files. In this case, this is a newer sword graphic, but in the blob table the idfile was still IT1.

I started to search for items, where the idfile attribute in the item differs. After about an hour and more then 15 different idfile mappings i came to the conclusion that proceeding a manual mapping for each item would be an insane job, which no real programmer would do =).

So i wrote a program which compares each item from the blob and non blob table, and takes the idfile information from the old table. When an item is not found in the blob table but in the newer one, i used the idfile of a similar item which had a similar new_idfile->old_idfile mapping. The program procued an SQL delta update file which sets the idfile for all items which existed in the blob table. This way we should have a relatively complete item table but with the correct idfile mappings of older clients.

I verified alot of things i could think of with the new item information

- clickies
- trades
- buying
- equip
- check item description

i havent found an issue, the client doesnt complain. There should be no issues for new characters, but maybe some items are missing for existing ones, therefor before i do a commit i let YL test it on his chars if everything works out.

I also toyed around with the loginserver, i did not try it out yet. I got it to compile quite easily thanks to neorabs description txt. For developing, we just skip the loginserver and connect directly to our local server, you are directly transfered to char selection instead of going to the server select.
Was funny to see the old interface, i clicked on Create Account and remember the screen where you needed to put in your CD key, name, address etc to get your account approved. There wasnt a webpage to register in classic, everything was done using the client.

~ 480min
= 1620min

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