16. Juni 2010

I started migrating the non blob item tables into the main code. Currently we use an old item table which contains like 2 rows, the item id and a binary blob of the data which represents the item. Last year i was successful in creating items (fill our item structs) from a non blob table, i.e. this table contains a row for every attribute of an item. This makes it easier to fix or add missing items.

The first issues i had where the number of items, newer item table dumps contain alot of items (which we will not use), and the eqclient only supports 16bit integer MAX number of items. The item # in the item struct is just 16bit, since i forgot about that i was seeing all sorts of weired things happening when i logged into the zone, corpses had 20 items on them which looked like gloves, my equipment vanished mostly, i was getting alot of "bogus item received, item deleted" messages from the client. The glove item was in the item table exactly at # 16bit int max, so it overwrote the array each time =).

The next thing with the bogus items was, the race and class bits on each item. EQ uses a bitmask to know which class/race can use an item, each class/race represents one bit like 0001, another class is 0010, now when you have 1111 it means all class/races can equip this item. So, the issue here was that the newer item table dumps included a higher bitmask for all classes/races - because in the years more classes and races have been added, so i just needed to remove the higher bits. That means the items use a bitmask of 11111111 11111111 - but the client only knows up to
01111111 11111111 for classes, and 00011111 11111111 for races. After this fix, you wouldnt get any messages about bogus items any more.

Now i tried a few things, like shopping, dropping, trading etc the newer item tables
seems to work fine so far, i only found one issue - some bows do not show a graphic when you equip them. The item struct contains like over 100 attributes, and only a few bits are still unknown to us, these seem to have a meaning and are causing this issue.

~ 420min
= 1140min

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